Hammock Moskito-Traveller Quilted
Hammock Moskito-Traveller Quilted
Hammock Moskito-Traveller Quilted
Hammock Moskito-Traveller Quilted
Hammock Moskito-Traveller Quilted

Moskito-Traveller Quilted

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AMAZONAS Ultra-Light Hammock Mosquito Traveller Quilted

The hammock with mosquito net and integrated thermal protection from below.

Built-in thermal protection from below

Extra equipment to protect yourself against the cold from below in the hammock? That‘s a thing of the past. From now on, there is no need to plan for extra baggage or additional set-up time, because the Moskito-Traveller Quilted has built-in thermal insulation (ca. 275 x 120 cm) made of a warming hollow fibre filling under the diagonally running lying surface. The thermal insulation works like a built-in under quilt and is attached in such a way that it is not pressed against the lying surface when the hammock is used – this guarantees an additional insulating air cushion between the hammock and the thermal insulation. Please note: This hammock does not have an additional thermal compartment for a thermal mat.

Comfortable all-round protection against any kind of insect and cold from below

The Mosquito-Traveller Quilted not only protects you from ground cold but also from insects. We use very fine mosquito nets with 1000 - 1500 MESH, which far exceeds the WHO requirement of 156 MESH. This ensures protection against even the smallest pests. You get in from the side via a zip fastener.

Mosquito net with spreader bars 

The mosquito net can be stretched out to create a large internal space using the patented spreader bars. Creating the feeling of a comfortable, protected space. The enclosed rope keeps the net stretched over your body. 

The mosquito net is optional

You can also use the Mosquito Traveller Quilted without a mosquito net. Simply remove the spreader bars, and turn the lying surface downwards. The net clings to the bottom of the new lying surface.

Now even faster ...

The permanently installed, length-adjustable mosquito net suspension and the optimised pack sack make it possible to set up and take down the hammock particularly quickly. No additional tensioning points are needed for the ridgeline.

Lying Surface: ca. 275 x 140 cm
Full Length: ca. 295 cm
Load Capacity: max. 200 kg
Weight ca. 950g
Pack Size: ca. 35 x 17 cm
Material: 100% Nylon-Ripstop (210D)
Sleep Zone: ca. ≥ 5°C / 41° F
Filling: 100 % polyester (hollow fibre)
Ultralight-revolution:  Light
Incl. suspension:  No
Impregnation: No
Mosquito net: Yes, ca. 155-230 meshes / square inch
Spreader bar: Yes
Thermal compartment or built-in thermal protection: No