ROCKBROS Bicycle Bell
ROCKBROS Bicycle Bell
ROCKBROS Bicycle Bell
ROCKBROS Copper Alloy Bell
ROCKBROS Bicycle Bell
ROCKBROS Bicycle Bell
34210005001 / China ROCKBROS Bicycle Bell
34210005002 / China ROCKBROS Bicycle Bell

ROCKBROS Copper Alloy Bell

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🚴 ROCKBROS Copper Alloy Bell - Elevate Your Cycling Safety! 🛡️🔔

Introducing the ROCKBROS Copper Alloy Bell, a must-have cycling accessory for riders who prioritize safety and style. Upgrade your biking experience with this sleek and effective bell that ensures you're heard on the road.

🔔 Product Details:

  • Brand: ROCKBROS
  • Decibel: 90-100db
  • Weight: 63g 
  • Color Options: Black/Silver
  • Applicable: Fits standard bicycle handlebars
  • Handlebar Diameter: 22-31.8mm

🎶 Percussive Bell, Experience the convenience of a percussive bell that produces a crisp and clear sound with minimal effort. Seconds to sound, easy to use, and saves you energy during your rides.

🔔 Copper Alloy Surface Rings Crisply: The copper alloy surface of this bell ensures a sharp and distinct ring, making your presence known on the road. The quality craftsmanship guarantees a satisfying and attention-grabbing sound.

🔊 High Decibel Clear Ringing: With a decibel range of 90-100db, this bell provides a high-decibel clear ringing that effectively alerts pedestrians and vehicles around you. Make your presence unmistakable and ride with confidence.

🛡️ Metal Bells Make Riding Safer: Crafted from a durable combination of brass and stainless steel, this bell not only enhances safety but also adds a touch of style to your ride. The material ensures longevity and reliability for all your cycling adventures.

🔔 Beautiful Trophy Shape: The beautiful trophy shape enhances the overall aesthetics of your bicycle.

🌈 Color Options and Certification: Choose between classic Black or Silver to match your bike's style. 

📏 Specifications:

  • Model Number: 342100
  • Certification: CE
  • Color Options: Black/Silver
  • Weight: About 63g
  • Suitable Diameter: About 22-31.8mm
  • Package Includes: Hexagon wrench for easy installation

Enhance your cycling experience with the ROCKBROS Copper Alloy Bell - where safety meets style. Ride confidently, be heard clearly! 🔔🚴‍♂️