Gear Up for Adventures: The Story So Far...

Nick Paterson Owner Gear Up

Hey there,


I'm Nick, and I'm incredibly excited to share with you my personal mission for Gear Up, a passion-driven brand that's all about empowering fellow cyclists, bikepackers, and tourers. With over 20 years of immersing myself in the outdoor world, I've come to deeply value the essence of adventure, its benefits on health and mind, and the incredible importance of having reliable gear.


You see, Gear Up isn't just an ordinary e-commerce shop to me (although I hope it will fund a little travel); it's a platform where I can connect with like-minded individuals, just like you, who share a love for exploration and unforgettable experiences. Through engaging blogs (they are coming) and worldwide connections, I want to build a community that brings us all together.


"The heart of our brand lies in our commitment to providing you with products that enhance your adventures in every way, equipping you for your next adventure."


Recently, I went on a bikepacking tour in Spain with a friend of mine who had never been before. He was a road cyclist and wanted to get all his gear together. Being busy, he left this to the last minute and was surprised that there was all sorts of stuff he needed to buy (you're right, he didn't need half of it).


I realized that one place to get everything would solve his problem, and once more, most of the products didn't need to be super expensive (he didn't know if he would do it again). Don't get me wrong; I love a super branded product, but from what I have experienced, there are some brilliant budget alternatives that I want people to try and experiment with. Therefore, Gear Up was realized.


Like all tours, I'm starting small and building up through testing and learning. I'd love to hear your feedback and stories, and I'm happy to post them on the site (when I set up the blog section).


One of my biggest ideas is to develop and nurture the bikepacking and touring sector, encouraging its growth, accessibility, and popularity in the ever-changing landscape of stay-cations and adventure travel. I truly believe that this cross-section has immense enjoyment potential for everyone, and I can't wait to see it flourish.


At Gear Up, it's not just about making a quick buck; it's about building trust and credibility. I want you to feel confident in the products I recommend, knowing that they align with your aspirations and will stand the test of time.


This journey is ambitious, I won't deny it, but I'm wholeheartedly committed to making it a reality. I believe in the positive impact that Gear Up can create, and I'm eager to foster strong partnerships with trusted brands to bring the best products to you.


So, let's embark on this adventure together. Join me at Gear Up; together, we'll redefine the adventure gear landscape, one reliable product, and one unforgettable journey at a time.


Looking forward to sharing this incredible journey with you!


Nick Paterson - Amateur Adventurer and Small Shop Owner

Gear Up

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